Listen to music productions of the late Derek J. Mason, a highly skilled music producer and world class guitarist, composer, arranger, virtual orchestrator and recording engineer.  Derek Mason produced music for independent artists as well as publishing his own creative works. Derek passed away on February 15, 2015, after a short and valiant battle with an aggressive form of cancer. We will post information on this in our blog, soon. If Derek had access to early screening via the medical clinics through which he’d been seeking helpover the past few years for common symptoms, he would probably still be alive today.

As a Guitarist, Multi-Instrumentalist and a session musician, Derek was renowned for his progressive rock playing, but very well versed in many genres of the guitar: Electric, Acoustic, Flamenco, Rock Fusion and Jazz. — as demonstrated in his Song Production Playlist and Instrumental, Jazz & Prog Rock production samples. Please see Artists and Music for a short Bio on Derek Mason as an artistic music producer, as well as  information on some of the recording artists who had recently worked with him. Rest in peace, and play guitar in the Light of Heaven, Derek. We miss you!

The focus here will continue to be as our founder had intended, as much as we’re able in his absence. We will continue Derek Mason’s mission of making artistic, creative music production financially possible for independent artists. Enjoy your listen, and contact us for more information.