Music Producer Derek J. Mason showcases here some of his recent productions for emerging artists, and profiles a few of the singers, songwriters and bands he has recorded and produced. At the playlist’s end, you can listen to a small selection of instrumentals Derek has composed and produced as a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and keyboard-orchestration arranger. 

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As we add fresh music to this player, we will sometimes also feature some of the music videos with music tracks produced by this experienced Vancouver music producer.

Nina Winkler, Actress, Singer-Songwriter  Nina Winkler - Actress and Singer-Songwriter   Nina Winkler is a Vancouver actress, signed with Sam Feldman’s “The Characters Talent Agency” and noticed internationally for her film and TV work. She is also a unique and brilliant singer-songwriter. Before moving to New York In September 2013 to attend a renowned acting academy, Nina recorded her first EP with Derek Mason Music Productions of Vancouver, BC (AKA Drama Music Productions). We present one song here as a premiere of Nina’s work with producer / instrumentalist Derek Mason. Listen to “A Father’s Quest” on our playlist. Nina is a very prolific songwriter. As she is currently focusing on her acting career development in New York, our next installments of song productions for Nina will be somewhat later this year. We look forward to her visit during spring 2014; Nina is a wise soul for her years, and writes evocative material.

Kelly McQuillan recording at Derek Mason Music ProductionsKelly McQuillan - Singer, Songwriter, Performer and Music Teacher  Based in the White Rock area of British Columbia, Kelly McQuillan has recently released, Walking Tall”, a five-song EP of some of her originals, recorded and produced by Derek Mason in his Vancouver-based studio.  Kelly is a gifted and versatile songwriter & musician, and we very much enjoy working with her. A multi-instrumentalist, she plays finger-style acoustic guitar, piano, accordion, saxophone and various whistles (and, we suspect, other instruments she’ll later pull out of a hat and play well). The session musicians and contributing artists on this record include producer Derek Mason on electric bass, acoustic and electric guitars and keyboard instruments; Rene Worst, one of Canada’s top session players of the double bass; Phil Robertson and Brendan McLean on drums, John Laird on mandolin, Tina Kelly on Fiddle and vocalist Jen Jorgensen, who added her fine harmonies on some of the songs. The CD / EP is available on CD Baby and iTunes. As a preview of the album, listen here to the title track “Walking Tall”, and “Waiting On The Time”, the latter a laid-back bluesy song featuring some great musicianship by Kelly on vocals and wind instruments, Derek and Kelly on guitars, Phil Robertson on drums and Derek carrying the bass lines. Visit for more about her music and services, and for her live videos of her original compositions, “In Her Shaddow”, “Waiting On The Time” and “Tongue Tied”

Ava Carich, Singer and Songwriter – “Player”

Ava Carich, Singer-Songwriter At 14, singer – songwriter Ava Carich has been discovered for the maturity and conviction in her voice and style, rarely heard in people her age. Ava has been playing guitar for six years and has been performing frequently in the White Rock / Surrey BC area during the past year. She recently tied for first place in the “Peoples Choice” award at her school’s talent show. In the spring of 2012, Ava came in 2nd in her age class for the 2012 City Jam competition in Surrey, receiving recognition by the City for her youth contribution and achievements. We feature here one of Ava’s original songs,”Player”, recorded and produced in Autumn 2012 by Derek Mason in his Drama Music Productions studio at Sunset Beach, Vancouver. On that website, we’ve posted a different mix treatment of this song, to demonstrate how we can change the dramatic feel of a song with varied instrument backing and some orchestrations.

Willy Blizzard – The coolest Roots band in Canada. – Their “In From The Cold” CD is released through CD Baby (Roots Country) and features John Hough, one of Canada’s most superb vocalists and a sensitive writer of timeless material. We also highly recommend you take in their live performances. Their stage repertoire is extensive and all of it great, ranging from soul-touching to pure fun and entertainment. Song: Roll That Rock by Willy Blizzard The genius of this song is derived from the classical Greek myth of the judgment of Sisyphus. As a punishment for his trickery, King Sisyphus was made to roll a huge boulder up a steep hill, only to watch the massive stone roll back down, forcing him to begin the task again, for eternity … making this song an anthem to the never ending pursuit of escaping the hardships of a mundane existence.

Willy Blizzard - In From The Cold CD front coverWilly Blizzard - DC rear cover
Artists on In From The Cold:
John Hough: lead vocals, acoustic guitars, banjo
Andrea Law: piano, stand-up bass, vocals
Fran Madigan: acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, vocal harmonies and lead vocals on “Roll That Rock”
Guest Musicians on the album:
Charlie Hase: Pedal Steel & Dobro
Jim Woodyard: Piano

Song Luke the Drifter by Willy Blizzard is dedicated to the memory of Hank  Williams. It was written by John’s long-time friend, Douglas D. Rolling, a great roots / blues songwriter himself, who also wrote the newspaper editorial that went viral in Canada, “Tugger for Senate”, about his pet cat. Later, we will post some Doug’s songs, as they are currently in Demo distribution and actually getting some appreciative radio play.

Get the Willy Blizzard album through CD Baby, and check out Willy Blizzard’s website  (in a new browser tab/page) or through our Links page. This is a spirited, a hard-working professional band. On their website, they post up to date information about their tour schedules and venues along with some cool trivia.

Singer-songwriter Ashleigh (Smashlee!) Somerville – “Life Like Yours” Demo Single Smashlee-Ashleigh Sommerville Smashlee, singer-songwriter Ashleigh Somerville, is a professional song writer who is going through Nettwerk Records towards the film industry and beyond. The song on our playlist below, “Life Like Yours” is a sampling of a collaboration between Smashlee as singer, songwriter and pianist, and Derek Mason as the Orchestrator and producer. This song did very well in the recent CBC Searchlight contest. The bridge and ending of Life Like Yours features the orchestration and stand-up bass parts created by Derek to complement Ashleigh’s unique composition.

Jay Davis & Apollo VotaryJones Rising

The Apollo Votary Debut CD was released Aug. 2011

“R & B with an edge … and very well produced”

Appollo Votary - "Jones Rising" CDSongs Composed by Jay Davis – Day Meets Done; Drunk Me Blind; Yelling At Trees

The album band lineup for this debut CD is as follows:

Lead Vocals: Micheal Garand
Guitar: Songwriter, Jay Davis
Drums: Phil Robertson
Bass: Miles Foxx Hill
Piano & organ: Steve Soucy, Chris Gestrin
Background vocals – David Steele
Other credits for Jones Rising – Derek Mason: Producer, additional keys and a tiny guitar solo at the end of Day Meets Done.
For current Apollo Votary band information, please visit their official website at To hear them live, playing the songs of “Jones Rising” plus a wide repertoire of great originals and covers, check out their show dates there, and go have some fun. Support this great band, and buy their music in stores.

Lola Acala –  Vocalist – Lyricist – Journalist

Lola Acala Lola has a huge heart and larger-than-life musical visions. She chose to team up with Derek Mason as her producer and session musician for her 2010 – 2011 EP project. The result was some pretty sonic dance music and a soul tune with deep meaning and a unique vibe only possible with the combination of this unique artist and her producer, Derek Mason. We present three of the songs here: “How Can I”, “You Make Me Feel Love” and “Julio”. More a story of someone who has left this world than a structured song, the latter song is a message to a departed friend “Julio” from Lola. Accompaniment on “Julio” features some high emotions invoked with the renowned E-bow electric guitar playing of Derek Mason. You can also find Lola on Shaw TV in short interview / documentary presentations as she is also a journalist. Her Twitter feed is at Buy Lola’s songs at her Facebook Band Page

Lakshman Das – Sooka Dooka band 

Sooka Dooka is a Pop Rock Vancouver based band inspired by a Conscious Revolution. It means “Sukha Duhkah” — happiness (sukha) and distress (duhkha) — from the ancient Vedic Sanskrit text, which gives knowledge about the eternal nature of the spirit soul, and much more. The band is headed by Lakshman Das who has studied with spiritual masters from India since 1997. Lakshman has teamed up with Producer Derek Mason of Drama Music Productions. Some notable artists of influence are Jefferson Airplane, George Harrison, Joni Mitchell, U2 to name a few. Featured here is a high-energy preview of his very big rock-pop recording, Super Soul. We also did the live recording for his pending music video.

OTHER SONGS in playlist:

Mason Adams Band – Featuring Jerry Nickel – vocals; Derek Mason – all instruments and production.

“Yesterday Fades” (with Anthea Mason – Vocal intro)
“She Knew Me When”
“Sun Will Rise”

 All tracks feature Derek Mason as producer, studio engineer and multi-instrumentalist, except where other credits indicate.